1. Custom Audiences for re-marketing (what you have not tried)
Re-marketing is a powerful Facebook targeting strategy to connect with potential customers who have already expressed interest in your products. Most people who have an understanding of marketing are using re-targeting.
BUT most people are only re-targeting the main audiences everyone else re-targets. (WV - 30 days and VV - 50%, VV 95%) The people who are using the re-targeting feature to full capacity are ones who are not just using common custom audiences but who are adding frequencies and targeting less popular audiences. (frequencies - targeting people who have visited more than twice, time spent- targeting people who have spent top 5%)
When creating custom audiences you are able to add frequencies or time spent when creating an audience based on website traffic. (maybe even creating a LLA, from this audience, just maybe 😉 )
2. Something will stick 💭
2% of your content will perform well both on social and in search engine rankings, while also achieving high conversion rates. Content marketing is a volume game, and you simply have to create lots of it until something sticks. It’s that posts that absolutely blow up on your social channels, climb to the top of the Google rankings, and drives a ton of traffic to your landing pages which result in eyes looking at your product/service. This how most of the influencers in each space have made it to the top. They create tons of content until something starts to work and they double down on what did work.
3. Audience Insights is a gold mine🥇🥇🥇
Facebook Audience Insights offers a ton of valuable information that can help you understand your Facebook followers. You can then use the data to learn how to target potential new followers and customers.
This tool is crucial in determining audiences to target. I would highly recommend to stop just adding what Facebook suggests in the ads manager and to actually do research of what audiences have an affinity to the audiences you are targeting. Most people are lazy and do not do this. This step could be crucial as you can find audiences that are gold and convert really well.
4. How Lookalike Audiences should be done🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️
Facebook Lookalike Audiences allow you to build targeted lists of potential customers who share characteristics with people who already buy from you.
So, if the data tells you that your existing customers are likely to be young 20-year-old moms who live in Boston, you can get great bang for your buck by targeting others who are similar to that demographic.
When creating LLA's it would be beneficial to separate the 1,2,3,4,5% instead of having all them within the same audience, so it is 5 different audiences, not all in the same audience. When you separate your audiences, it allows for more options for Facebook to test which are the best audiences because typically 1% performs the best. 3% may perform better than 2%, so it is all a matter of testing of seeing which audiences are worth keeping and which are worth killing.
Once you are targeting different countries, 1% might not be a big-enough audience to target. So that is when you should combine 1,2,3% but if you are targeting the USA, then typically the USA is big enough you do not need to combine LLA audiences. (EX: Canada, European countries,etc.)

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